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About "Goat 4 Sale"

Last fall, we embarked on what we thought would be a fun project, utilizing a silly Doritos-loving goat named Moose that we could enter into Doritos’ annual Crash the Super Bowl contest. And what fun it was!! But, little did we expect that the fine folks at Doritos would select “Goat 4 Sale” to be one of their TOP 5 Finalists for the competition!

What does this mean? Well, it means that, with your help, we have a chance at having “Goat 4 Sale” air on TV across America during the biggest TV event of the year - The Super Bowl!! That’s an honor enough, but not only that, there’s a shot at winning a million dollars and a gig with director Michael Bay!

About the Director

Ben Callner has always had a passion for filmmaking and directing, switching his major during sophomore year at Georgia Tech from Industrial Design to the closest film major they had – Science, Technology and Culture. Ben comes from a tight-knit family, and his spot reflects that; his mom served as the script supervisor, and his father, a purchasing manager, served as craft services manager for the shoot. “Goat 4 Sale” took 2,000 popsicle sticks, 150 bags of Doritos, a goat named Moose and a small team of volunteers from Pogo Pictures, the film production company that took him under their wing after Callner persistently pestered the company’s owner with his silly commercial ideas.

The Cast

Mark Ashworth, “Mark”
Moose the Goat, “Goat”
Keith Bahun, Goat Scream VO
Joe Przedwiecki, “Younger Man”
Steve Colby, Puppeteer
Ben Callner, Puppeteer

The Crew

Ben Callner, Director / Co-Writer / Editor
Steve Colby, Executive Producer / Co-Writer / Goat Wrangler
Ruth Brown, Executive Producer
Joe Przedwiecki, Associate Producer / Camera Assistant / Media Manager
Ashley Wilson, Production Coordinator
Pete Wages, Director of Photography
Joe Clayton, Gaffer
Alice Nisbet, Art Director
Greg Linton, Sound Mixer
West Chambliss, Swing
Ethan Moffitt, Grip
Chris Callner, Script Supervisor
Scott Callner, Craft Service
Andrew Hunt, Production Assistant
Brian Kull, Production Assistant
Mike Massey, Production Assistant
Roger & Helyn Kesler, Homeowners of Exterior Location

Post Production

Ben Callner, Editor
Molly Baroco, Executive Producer, Beast
Soraia Callison, Producer, CO3
Jeremy Moore, Producer, Method
Billy Gabor, Sr. Colorist, CO3
Ben Holst, Post Sound Mix, Tunewelders
Deron Heffmeyer, Sr Flame Artist, Method
Mike Wardner, Sr Flame Artist, Method
Heather Keister, Flame Assistant, Method